E-Learning content development

Instructional Design

Our e-learning company is here to help you make sure your course is exactly what you need. Our process includes performing a needs analysis of technical and learning requirements, scheduling meetings with your subject matter experts, establishing learning objectives, developing visual and audio storyboards, as well as developing assessments and training aids.

PowerPoint Conversion into Web-Based Training
Easily turn an existing PowerPoint presentation into a web-based training course. We use Articulate or Captivate to capture your PowerPoint and convert it into web-based training. Our development team incorporates assessments and interactions, audio commentary and makes sure it’s SCORM; AICC compliant in order to track learner progress.

Development of Custom E-learning Courses
Developed in Flash, Captivate, Articulate, Gaming Engines, PHP; HTML, our e-learning company creates custom assets including illustrations, photographs and 3D models for your e-learning courses. We can also include custom interaction such as multiple choice, true and false, mini-learning games, scenario based training and more. All custom e-learning courses we develop are SCORM and AICC compliant.

SCORM and AICC Compliance
To enable tracking and scoring of each learner’s progress, all of the courses our e-learning company develops are SCORM or AICC compliant depending on your specifications. Each course can be stand-alone or imported into your learning management system. If you choose to have it integrated within your LMS, we’ll create a test module first to ensure proper coding. If you do not have a learning management system, Designing Digitally, Inc. can also provide a number of LMS solutions that will best fit your needs.

2D Simulation Training Modules
For a realistic virtual training method, our 2D simulations are perfect. We use this scenario-based training method to create a safe way to train employees in the field. These simulations can be either SCORM or AICC compliant and can also be integrated into you LMS. 3D Immersive Simulation Training Modules.

Train your employees by immersing them in life-like virtual scenarios. Many industries, including defense and healthcare, develop 3D immersive simulations for training because they provide a realistic, yet safe, training environment. Whether your training simulation is integrated into your LMS or operated as a stand-alone course, we make sure that it is either SCORM or AICC complaint, depending on your requirements.

Development of Serious Games
Make learning fun for your employees with serious games developed by our e-learning company. Training with serious games increases a learner’s knowledge, recall and retention of material, as well as increases a learner’s confidence for performing a task. We take your content material and transform it into a fun trivial or simulation type of game

Blended Learning Solutions
Our blended learning solutions allow you to mix classroom training with web-based training modules. We work alongside your facilitator during the development process to ensure an effective blended training experience. The assessments and simulations we develop correlate with the learning objectives and instruction presented by your facilitator.

Development of Learning Management System (LMS)
Make the management and delivery of your training resources simple by letting our e-learning development company develop a custom LMS for you. We will administer your LMS and implement in into your facility, as well as install and setup your LMS behind your firewall.